Believe English



    The best way to increase your vocabulary is to make connections between words.  Our brains don’t really remember word, our brains remember connections.
   If I just tell you to remember a word- DOG.  It is easy to forget.  Where do you put it?  Why is it in your brain?  If you have a dog and your dogs name is Bob.  I can tell you, “Bob is a dog.”  Now the word “dog” is easy to remember because it’s Bob.  Bob is your dog.  You love Bob.  Your brain is happy to have this new word to talk about your… DOG! Bob.  It is a very powerful connection.
    We can build those connections with new words.  
    We can make a picture for the word.
    We can list synonyms and antonyms.
    Make a list of descriptors.
   Write a definition.

As we choose the words to do this, we are creating meaning and making connections in our mind between this word and all the other words.  All this doing is what our brain will remember, and our brain will be able to do it again.  We will know this word!