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Vietnam is where it all began for me.  The first students I taught were people from Vietnam.  I learned a lot from my students, especially how important  Vietnamese was to them.  English is the most widely used language in the world today.  It is a good way to reach out to other people and try to understand them.  To understand ourselves, we need our first language, our mother tongue.  Every language has value.  Sometimes Vietnamese were surprised to know I was trying to learn their language.  “Why study Vietnamese!?! Nobody speaks Vietnamese!”  My answer was, “You speak Vietnamese.  I want to talk with you.”  I am glad so many people want to learn English.  I am fortunate because English is my first language, it is easy for me to meet  many different people and talk with them because we have this common language.  But I know English is only one of many.  And there are other worlds out there.  Wonderful places with amazing people.  I am trying to learn some of your languages too because we are all in this together.

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