Believe English

The Most Difficult Student

The Believe in Believe English is about you.
I have been to many places in the world and been very lucky to meet many wonderful people, sometimes because we had English as a common language. I am always thankful to them, and to you, for learning English.
There are also some sweet and wonderful people I have not met. Not really. Sometimes people think, “My English is not so good, so I can’t talk with you.” You can talk to me. I will always listen to you.
You don’t need to have good English, you just need to have a good heart.
I know this because there are some languages that I speak very, very badly. And there are some people who have listened to me very, very kindly.
We can always understand each other.
It is nice when we have a common language.
It does make things easier.
The most important thing is that we believe in each other.
When we want to understand each other, anything is possible.

Thank You

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