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       I went to college in Vermont.  A place with lots of snow and mountains and trees.  I loved it so much I went to college in Vermont twice!  I really like snow.  I’m not so happy about the most popular “snow” pictures on Instagram, so I cheated a little and I’m going to look at the most recent pictures.
They are a little better, but they don’t capture the stillness and the silence of snow.  Or the beauty, not really.  You have to experience snow .  If you hold your breath, just a little.  Those first few moments when you breath in, count to three then ever so slowly let your breath back out.  Snow is something like that 1-2-3.  And it’s cold.  A cold you can taste. And how good it feels when you warm up again.   I guess a lot of those things aren’t really snow, but you can’t separate them from snow either.

         If you have never seen snow, look on Instagram #bengsnow.  I will put up some pictures of what I think snow is.  If you live where there is snow, put up your own pictures of #bengsnow.  Let’s help our  no-snow friends know snow.

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