Believe English

DIY eBooks

DIY eBooks

If getting eBooks is difficult, don’t worry.  DIY.  Do it yourself.  PDFs are easy, and all the Believe English books are available as PDFs.
You can read them just like an eBook. You can even read them on eBook readers.  The big difference is a PDF won’t have a working table of contents.

If you don’t have an eBook reader, Good Drive or something similar will open the PDF. On your phone it will look just like a book.
So don’t be shy!  Read! Enjoy!

The Believe English books are available as PDFs on ETSY and Teachers Pay Teachers.
Amazon and some other online book sellers have physical or eBook copies of the books. Many retailers have paperback or digital copies ofthe books. The easiest way to find them is by their ISBN.
(ISBN= International Standard Book Number)

Cafe Q  
 Print Book  978-0-9979118-4-8
eBook  978-0-9979118-3-1

Yes, You Can
Print Book 978-0-9979118-1-7

Seven Steps to Success
eBook   978-0-9979118-0-0

La La’s Story
One day….