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Can’t No One Know


  This is a song I learned at a community sing-a-long given by Sweet Honey in the Rock.  They are a powerful group of women who write and sing acapella songs.  (Acapella- means voices only, no instruments.)  You can feel a song like this in your body when you sing it.  The meaning is a little bit sad; it reminds us that we could die at any moment so we should always be ready to die.  This is a spiritual, so being ready to die means being good with God.  I don’t think so much about the meaning, I sing it  and it feels good.  When I do think about the meaning, it helps me   appreciate the moment I have now.  Especially at sunrise, I really, really appreciate the moment.  I am often alone at sunrise, but never lonely; and the quiet, the solitude, help me be a better listener later in the day.
    Can you imagine how that might help me be a better listener? 
    Do you want to try it too?  
   Find yourself a sunrise, sing along if you want.  Tell us all about it.  We’ll be listening. ;-

Can't No One Know

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