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Can you find 11 mistakes?

Here’s a short story that’s needs some fixing. I want to make 11 changes to the story.
Can you find 11 things that need fixing?

sorry Flavia, but also I don’t know how to use it.  I-Mobile 2100 it’s a hard cell phone, only few people know how to use it.  Try calling the store that sold you.  I think they help you.

I worked on this with students in high school and we found even more than 11 mistakes! We BEAT the TEACHER!!  🙂

Write the sentence down on a piece of paper.  Make all the corrections you can.
Compare your answers to ours. Did we find the same things?


Sorry Flavia, but I also don't know how to use it.  The I-Mobile 2100 is a complicated cell phone, only a few people know how to use it.
Try calling the store that sold it to you.  I think they can help you.


Making change is one thing, being able to talk about them is another. 
When you can explain the corrections you make to your own English and for other people- when you can teach- you will have mastered English.
Follow this link over to learn about describing sentences and an explanation for all the changes we made.


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