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The Everything Dictionary

      We have five senses. We use adjectives to describe all the things we taste, touch, hear, see, and smell. The world around you is not just a picture dictionary- – it is an everything dictionary. What kind of adjectives can you use to describe the world around you?

SIGHT   Color: red, blue
                   Size: tiny, giant
                   Quality: shiny, cute

SMELL  Type: smoky, baked
                   Degree: faint, sharp

SOUND   Type: metallic, otherworldly
                      Degree: quiet, loud

TASTE       Flavor: Salty, Sweet

TOUCH     Texture: soft, crumbly

1 Draw and write in the map.
2 Show places that you see every day.
3 Pick at least one place​​ for each sense.
​4 Describe the sense you experience in that place.

​This activity helps us practice adjectives. Their meaning comes from your life, so you will know exactly what the word is describing, and you will be reminded of it ever day. You might even start coming up with modifiers and synonyms as you increase your awareness of the things around you!