Believe English


Write a Sandwich Story About Your Life

A lot of people don’t like writing, but pretty much everybody likes a good sandwich. If we think about writing like making a sandwich,  writing can be  easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Sandwiches have two slices of bread, a beginning and an end, and they have lots of delicious things in between that make them special. Writing is just like that. There is a beginning and an end and lots of interesting things in between.

If you can make a sandwich, you can make a story. You could even try writing your story while eating a real sandwich.

1 Write a story about you.  (Get ready.)
2 Each part of the sandwich is labeled.
3 Write in details to explain each part: setting, main character, etc.
4 Turn the parts into a whole. Write your  story.

Sometimes it is hard to start writing. You don’t know where to begin. Sandwiches are easier, you start with a slice of bread. We can make a story the same way we make a sandwich. Adding each piece one at a time to make a delicious whole.