Believe English


Reflect on What You Have Learned

When we look back on our lives we will see lots of changes.

Many of those changes come from new things we learn. We have new ideas about the world. We see the world in ways we hadn’t before. Many of these changes come because of what we learned. We have new ideas about ourselves. We try, and we do things we didn’t think we could do before.

I think the second kind of change is very important. As a teacher I don’t want to do too much explaining. The more I explain, the less you learn- about yourself. You just do what I tell you to do. If you do it yourself– if you tell yourself what to do and how to do it- you learn. You learn about yourself and how much you are capable of. You can look at English and figure out the patterns and rules of the language. You won’t have to ask anybody anything when you don’t understand something. You just have to ask. You have to trust yourself. You can do it

1 The mirrors help us see how we have changed.​
2  Write a sentence in the first mirror about something you used to do or believe.
3 Write in the second mirror an idea or event that changed your mind.
4 Write in the third mirror what you do or believe now.

We started by looking in the mirror and facing our doubts about ourselves. By now I hope you have learned a lot about English and maybe a little about yourself as well. How has all this learning changed your thinking? What can you say to yourself about what you have learned and what you will do about it?