Believe English


Don't Doubt Yourself

Sometimes we look at ourselves and we don’t believe. We have doubts. We ask ourselves questions. We questions ourselves as if we have done something wrong.
Who am I? Who loves me?
Why can’t I speak English?
What if I fail?
Where will I work?
When will I find my dream?
How can I succeed?

The answer is right there in front of us. The answer is us.
Nobody is perfect. Nobody is awful either.
Trust yourself, believe in yourself. Let your questions help you create the answers you want in your life.

1 Each mirror begins a question.
2  Think about the things you ask yourself.
3 Complete each question in the mirrors.
4 You do not have to answer the questions.
We all have doubts. It helps to be clear about the things we are thinking, that’s why we write them down. Putting the question on paper takes the question out of our heads and puts it in a place we feel it less.  We can decide what to do about each question. Let it go, or take action- respond.