Believe English


You Are A Hero

Help me! Is an imperative verb, a command. 
​“I will help you” is a promise. 
​I will help you understand English verb tense!
​Here’s a little lesson on how we use the present tense.​

“I will help you” is written in the future tense, will, but it feels like the present tense because we use it to mean I will help you now. And we do. People help each other; yesterday, today, and tomorrow. “People help each other’” is in the present tense, but the present tense is funny because it doesn’t mean right now- that’s “I am helping you”- It means always. A philosophical present. A hopeful present. And it is true. We do help each other. We are all superheroes, everyday superheroes. Can you think of ways you help people?

​I can teach English.
I help clean my house.
I always give people directions.
Once I saved some kittens from drowning.
One day I will find a way to end war.

1 Complete each statement. 
2 ​ Say something positive about yourself.
3 Complete the picture of yourself as a superhero.
4 ​Color it in.

This activity helps us practice the present tense.
​We are all heroes. Right now.