Believe English


Step by Step

Talking about ourselves can be a great guide to verbs and tenses as we describe the things we do and when we do them.

My first step was so long ago, I forgot!!
I rode a bike when I was five-years-old. It was a tricycle.
My favorite shoes are flip-flops.
I can dance like nobody is watching.
I like to walk along the beach early in the morning.
My feet smell pretty bad. And by “pretty” I mean VERY.
I run… I used to run every day after work.

1 Complete each sentence in the footsteps.
2 Draw a picture of yourself dancing.
3 Draw a picture of yourself jumping.
4 When you are ready, write paragraphs describing dancing and jumping.

The footprints talk about the past and the present, so you will have to use different verb tenses.
Writing about dancing and jumping you will need some overlapping verb tenses.

​When we talk about things we do, we are telling stories about ourselves. The footsteps are your story, so you already know the answer. Now you can focus on finding the best language. You will want to use the best language because it is your story about you.