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Superlatives Are My Best Friend

Each friend is special, even best, in their own way. Whose is your kindest, funniest, specialist friend?

-est is a superlative.
Super like Superman. The best, the most powerful. In English we put -est at the end of short words, words that are one or two syllables long.
Big- Biggest, Funny-Funniest
If the word is longer, we use most.
Most beautiful, most intelligent

Sometimes we use comparatives, just to show how two things are different from each other.
big-bigger, beautiful- more beautiful.

1 Think about your friends.
2 What makes each of them special?
3 Draw pictures of your friends in the frames.
4 Write the best word to describe each friend.​​​

This activity helps us practice using superlatives, and it shows us how these words take on meaning in our lives.