Believe English


Color My World

Sometimes we don’t see things because we don’t know what to call them. When we don’t have a word for something, we don’t talk about it.
One stereotype is that men don’t see colors very well. For example, men just see and say “purple.” Women talk about purple, lavender, fuchsia… all kinds of colors!
Learning a new language can be very frustrating. We see so many things, but we don’t know what to call them. It can be a little bit…. sad. Knowing the words for things makes the world more colorful and alive.

1 Use a pencil.
2 Draw the things you see around you.
3 Color in the things you can name in English.
4 When you learn a new word for something, come back and color that in too.

Words are like glasses, they help us see the world more clearly. When you color in the world it helps you see how much you know and what you still need to learn. And it’s coloring! It’s not a test, it’s fun.