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Look at this picture.  Do you know what each word means?

“Beholder” is an unusual word.  What does it mean?  Let’s search the hashtag “beholder” on Instagram and see what kind of pictures we come up with.

There are a lot of pictures here.
Let’s look more closely at a couple of the top posts.

Let’s see.
This guy is sitting way up high in a chair so he can see everything.
I think he is a lifeguard. His job is to look. To watch over everybody.
He has his hands up over his eyes in the “I’m looking” pose.
I think “behold” must mean to look or to watch.
the -er at then end makes it into the person who is doing the looking,
kind of like teach-teacher or sing-singer.
Behold-Beholder, someone who looks.

Hey, hold up! This picture doesn’t have anybody looking at anything in it!! How does that show beholder!!??
Hmmm, it does have a slogan though.

Let’s google “you are beautiful” and “beholder” and see if that helps us.

There it is. The top hit. “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.”
I think the sign is saying I think you are beautiful. When I look at you, I see how beautiful you are.
And this sign is for everybody. This person wants us all to see each other as beautiful.
So it does give me a deeper understanding of the word. it really is about the person who is looking and how they see the world.

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