Believe English


You have to start somewhere.  Start with what you know.
English is not a test.  It’s a language.  It’s a friendship.
You can just start with, “Hi!”
But you gotta begin.
So Let’s Go!

    1. You can help you. Read in English about the work you do. If there are discussion groups about your work, join in and tell people your ideas and experience.
      If you want to get your language reviewed , you can post what you write or a video of yourself speaking in the Believe English group and get feedback from people there.

  1. Hello!! My name’s Hieu, I’m a student at FPT University and this year I’m 20. When I was a younger I didn’t study English well. So now I want try study English weller. I want study English to I can conversation with people abroad in every countries, travel and my job later.

    1. That’s great you have decided to study English better. You can read books about your major, and if you are in a big city you can probably find tourists to talk with in English.

      You can also post videos of yourself speaking in different groups on Facebook and get feedback form people there.
      Believe English has a group like that where you can post directly.

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