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     Beauty.  What an impossible word to define.  All we can really do is point when we see it.  And look around us. “Do you see it?  Do you see it too!?!  Isn’t it beautiful!”  That feeling, that urgency is what beauty really is.  That need to share.
Share we do on Instagram, but I think maybe the need to hashtag comes from a different place than the passion to point.  Still let’s have a look.

Ok, it’s not sunsets and flowers.
This seems more to represent the ways we would like women to be beautiful and some of the things women can use to help themselves look that way.

These are the “Top Posts,” so  advertising and money are probably making these pictures more visible.  There are 111,391,296 more to go.  I encourage you to look, and I think you will see some things you will want to point at. To pass your phone over to your friend saying, “Look!”


         Is it just America?  We are pretty heavily influenced by advertising in the US. Let’s look at “beauty” in some other languages and see if the images change some.  I searched in Vietnamese ( đep ) and Japanese (美シイ).   Which word for “beauty” to pick  and the best spelling (neither of these are quite right) are interesting discussions for another page. I used the most popular hashtag I could find.

Thank you, Vietnam and Japan, for the sunset, the flowers, and the fork.  And the baby!  Don’t forget the baby.  Are you from Vietnam or Japan?
What do you think about the different pictures?  Are you from another country?  Can you imagine what the pictures will look like if you search for “beauty” in your language?

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