Believe English


Bees are busy and they buzz.
Bees have little B shaped bodies. 
But why “bee” and not just “b”?

B is for Benjamin Franklin who wanted to change the alphabet.  He wanted a phonetic alphabet where we could spell every word exactly the way we say it.  But not “bee”, bee was still b-e-e.  Benjamin!

ME:                      I remain your dear friend.
Benjamin:          yi remeen iur diir frind.

We don’t all say the same word the same way​​​​​.  I don’t say “remeen”, I say “reMAYn.”
And while bees may be busy, most people are not.
We are pretty lazy​​, much too lazy too learn to read and write in a new alphabet. 😉

B is also for:​​

Basho     Beauty      Begin    Behold
Believe   Book         

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