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Vowel Sounds

        There are many ways to work on pronunciation.  One is the IPA, International Phonetic Alphabet, which  represents sounds, unlike the random chicken scratch that is modern English spelling.  Fun philosophy staff laugh. F!F!F!F!F!  😉
         I’m making this on St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ve been back to Ireland and loved hearing people speak. It was lovely like the music of a running river.
It did not sound like English, not like my English.  Wading into the waters of pronunciation we get stuck deep in the muck of if, but and or.   Of nationality, region, education.  It is important to be understood, it is wonderful to be who you are.  We all have accents.
     Follow the links in the letters above and  you can hear mine  as I pronounce the sounds and put them in words for context.  Enjoy!

This is just the beginning. Watch the videos below to learn some other ways to practice pronunciation.

BE Pronunciation

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