Believe English

7 Steps Audio Book


You were taught this once, but you did not learn it well.
You can get it, but you can’t give it. And giving really is better than receiving.

You are a false beginner. Many people are. They think “I can’t speak English”, but they can something English. You can read this. If I say it, you will be confused. If you try to say it, you will give up.

I know you can do it. I want to show you how you can do it. And I want to get out of your way and let you do it.

This is my book about how great you are.
You can read each chapter, and I will help you.
In the movies I will read each chapter out loud. You can listen as you read along. You can shadow me to practice speaking. You can draw or dance- whatever makes you happy.

Believe English 7 Steps to Success: Introduction
Step 1: Build Vocabulary
Step 2: Build Sentences
Step 3: Create Rules
Step 4: Read Books
Step 5: Sing
Step 6: Trust Your Friends
Step 7: Believe in Yourself
Afterword: Why Do This?
Afterword: Grammar
Afterword: Be Fearless!