Believe English

Dec 22 2018

There's More Than One Way to Say...

You can practice pronunciation on your computer or your phone.
Minimal pairs are a great way to practice the sounds that are hardest for you.

On your computer use google chrome and head over to Be Hear Now.

If you have an Android phone, we have a free app for you. Get it on at Google Play here.

    1. Hi,
      Sorry for the slow response. I do not know too much technical stuff. The first thing would be to check if it will work on your phone. The app will not work on iPhones. Only Android phones, and I think system 4.0…? Is yours the right kind of phone? Are you getting a specific error message?

      I hope that was helpful. If not, please keep asking. I’ll keep looking for a better way.

    1. Hi,
      Here’s a movie showing how minimal pairs work on a desktop. I have an iPhone, so I can’t show the app working on my phone, sorry. The idea is the same and the graphics are also almost the same.
      The main purpose is for you to practice words that are difficult for you to say and have the app guide you by showing you what it hears you saying. The app uses Goggle’s voice recognition system. If Google recognizes your pronunciation then you know you are doing it pretty well.