Believe English

Aug 28 2017

Khi Computers nghe tiếng Anh của người Việt. ;-) 

Khi Computers nghe tiếng Anh của người Việt. ;-)

    You can use computers to help you practice your pronunciation, but we really need each other. Computers can show you what they hear, but they aren’t really listening. And they don’t care about you. People really listen to you, and care about you. And people ask questions. Questions about the way we pronounce words and they way we use them.

   Apps can make things a little more fun, and prettier, but just using Notes on your phone and searching Google by voice will do the same thing for you.  Google search is fun because ther are lots of pictures. The Believe English pronunciation practice page has a picture of me 🙂 ,and it helps refine your pronunciation. The page does this by using minimal pairs. Putting three words that sound kind of the same together.  You have to practice getting the computer to hear you making each of the different sounds. The BE guy, me, will show you which word he hears.

 It’s not an app though, apps cost a lot of money to make. This is free, but only works on a desktop computer using Google Chrome.  Sorry.  One day, I’ll get an app up, and when I do, it will be free too. But for today: BE Hear Now.