Believe English

Aug 22 2017

We Can Understand Each Other

Khi người Mỹ nghe tiếng Anh của người Việt,We Can Understand Each Other

How important is pronunciation? How important is it to sound like a native speaker? I think that is something people worry about too much, sort of not seeing the forest for the trees. One popular teacher in Vietnam, Dan Hauer, made a video showing the difficulty Americans might have listening to Vietnamese people speaking English. I think he is trying to make things too difficult, and for the purpose of his lesson, he encourages the Americans to not understand what they are hearing. I want to encourage us to trust each other, to know that we can help each other when understanding is difficult. Some teacher think I may be being too lenient. If students expect other people to make na effort to understand them, then students may feel that they do not have to practice pronunciation.
I hope you will watch Dan’s video and watch mine, and tell us what you think.
What’s the right balance?

You can see Dan Hauer’s video on his Youtube channel here: