Believe English

Aug 17 2017

BE Creative! Books

BE Creative!  Be creative with the Believe English books. Our books are here for you to write in, draw in, read through, and talk all about.
The newest book is Cafe Q.  A collection of conversation menus.  You can use them in class, and you can use them in cafes!  Take one with you to your favorite cafe, bring a friend along, and have a little coffee talk.
If you feel in quieter mood, you can use the menus as writing prompts, or bring one of our activity books along instead.

The books are available in a variety of formats, so you can pick the one that works best for you.
The best way to search for the books online is going through the Believe English website book page or the Believe English Facebook page shop section.
You can also search for the books through online retailers that you use The fastest way to find them is with their ISBN.

Seven Steps to Success       978-0-9979118-0-0
Yes You Can!                         978-0-9979118-1-7
La La’s Story                         978-0-9979118-2-4
Cafe Q
eBook     978-0-9979118-3-1
paperback    978-0-9979118-4-8

The fastest, easiest, cheapest way to get the books is to buy them as printables on ETSY or Teachers Pay Teachers.  La La’s Story and Yes, You Can! you will want to print so you can write and draw on them. Cafe Q and Seven Steps you can download into your phone as PDFs and then read them just like an eBook.

On ETSY and TpT you can also buy just the parts that you like.
There’s lots of ways you can get the books, which way works best for you?

And the things you can do with the books? I can only begin to imagine. That’s the beauty of the books.They are all about learning. Real learning. I don’t know the answers, nobody does.

You are going to create them!