Believe English


       Montpelier, Vermont is the country’s smallest capital and the only state capital that does not have a McDonalds.  Supporting local businesses is very important in Vermont.  This means lots of bakeries! And lots of cafes and small restaurants like Coffee Corner.  It also means people talk to each other more.  When you and I show up we are also welcome to join the conversation.
       At a place like  Coffee Corner conversation is easy, online it is a little harder, and having an English conversation in a non-English speaking country can also be very hard.  For a real conversation we need community, and that community has to have things in common.  Local bakeries and cafes serving food from local farms is ideal.  We at least need to have a common place and common time to be together.
      Let’s think a little bit about what we can do with the people around us.  What you have in common is the desire to practice English. You can just talk, about anything.  It is difficult to keep using English, so set a limit.  It can be a time limit.  Talk in English for ten minutes.   Even better, it can be a vocabulary goal.  Think of a situation you want to practice talking about.  Make a list of ten words you need to use in that situation. Cut up slips of paper for the ten  words, lay them out  between you, and start talking.  As you use each word pick it up.  When all the words are gone, you know you have had a good English conversation.
       What are some ideas you have for practicing English conversation?