Believe English


     It snowed again today.  So, of course, I took a walk.  It was cold, and quiet, and wonderful.  I know many of you have not seen snow yet.  I hope one day you will.  For now, we will have to rely on the internet.  Really snow is something you have to experience.  English is also something you have to experience.  Many of you have studied English in school and still feel very uncomfortable with the language.  You feel like you don’t speak English, and you don’t.  But you could.  Some of you have found ways to use the language and meet people and speak English with them.  I have met many people who don’t speak English.  But they can.  Together we have talked with each other and listened to each other.  Even if you do not know many words in English, we can do a lot together.  Just like a snowy day makes everything look the same, we see shapes and not details; the world gets quieter and quieter the more and more it snows.   If we are quiet in our minds.  Let go of “I can’t” “I don’t Know” “What?” “This person doesn’t speak English” “They said that wrong!” Let it go. Just see a person.  A person who wants to talk with you.  And listen.  We can have a talk, and it can be quiet and wonderful.
     So I hope you can understand a little bit about snow.  One place to look is Instagram which is a giant, wild picture dictionary.  Sometimes it shows us literal meaning, sometimes symbolic meaning, and sometimes… I don’t know what  people are thinking- but there’s a story there somewhere. So let’s explore snow on Instagram.  It’s not a test.  It’s just for fun.  When we get enough snow here, school is canceled, and everybody goes out to play in the snow.  So come on!  Let’s go play in the #snow!