Believe English

Yes, We Katsucon!


         Katsucon is happening this weekend. Valentine’s Day is also this weekend. The two go together because Katsucon is also a love story.
       Every love story has its own language. Valentine’s Day is chocolate and hearts. Katsucon is a lot more than that. It is hard for me to describe because it is a language I don’t really understand. It is wonderful to listen to. At Katsucon people dress up as impossible things and make them come true. Dressing up as their favorite manga characters, anime or game heroes the people here don’t always speak the same language either, but they understand each other. Everybody brings their own little world to this place and makes it into an improbable universe. There is a community here. People are open, supportive, and encouraging of each other. It is not chocolate and hearts, but it is love. What crazy thing do you want to be true? I’ll believe you. That’s Katsucon.
       Sometimes words can get in the way. That is why it can be intimidating to speak a new language like English. Even Valentine’s Day can be like that, with chocolate and hearts we try to say things we don’t know how to say, or that we don’t trust ourselves to say well. That’s almost love. Any day you can speak to another person and they are willing to listen and be accepting even without understanding every single word. That is love. We can’t all marry each other, but we can all listen to each other.
       I guess next year I should go to Katsucon again and dress up– as Cupid. 😉

Yes We Katsukon